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There are non-stop flights from Amsterdam to Curaçao every day operated by KLM. and other providers appear to be able to match good offers most of the time. We can highly recommend to test a few different price comparison website’s to find the best flight for your budget.

Alternatively, and properly the most economic solution, you could try Tuifly-nl offers direct flights to Curaçao, with sometimes stopovers in Bonaire or Aruba.

We recommend non-stop flights from Amsterdam. The outward flight usually takes 10 hours and the return flight takes 9 hours.








Airport Transfer

We recommend to take a taxi from the airport to Villa Vista Curacao. This will cost oneway round about 50 US Dollar for two people. Please ask, we can organize that for you. Natasha from Dushi Taxi offers the best services and prices.

Rental Car

Do your own trips with our Pick-Up Truck and explore the island. Join the beautiful beaches at the westcoast, go swimming with the turtles or dive into the old town of Wilemstad. You will be absolutly flexible with a car. If you want to rent our Pick-Up Truck, please ask.

Car rental Villa Vista Curacao

Important informations

  • In case of an accident DON’T move your car! If you do so you are not insured and you will be fully liable for all damages. Call+5999 747 1333 or 199.
  • In case of technical difficulties please call 24/7 Road Service +5999 465 0896
  • Do not leave any luggage, or other valuables in the car, when you leave the car.
  • Reduce your speed in rainy weather. Wet roads are extremely slippery because of dust and oil.
  • On T-junctions traffic on the dead-end of the road must give right of way to all traffic from left and right.
  • Be aware that people rarely use signals that indicate they will turn left or right.
  • Passing a car on a 4 lane road is allowed on both lanes.
  • The speedlimit in town and residential areas is 40 KM/H.
  • The speedlimit outside town is 60 KM/H unless signs indicate otherwise.
  • The use of safety belts is mandatory by law!
  • Smoking is not allowd in the car. Penalty of € 500,-.
  • Please don’t wear wet swimsuits in the car.
  • Please don’t wear flipflops in the car when you’re driving.
  • The car needs to be handed in on the agreed time with a full tank.
  • ATTENTION! Please do not let the key come into contact with water.

Boat Tours

VIP Private Boat Charter
Explore dushi Curacao by your own private Boat! With our 24 feet Sea Chaser (2 x 115 HP) you will have an unforgetable day on the sea with your friends or your family (max. 8 people). This Boat will be only there for you. No other people. You can start the boat trip around the corner at Spanish Water or directly at Jan Thiel Beach. Our very well experienced Captain will pick you up there. With our Captain you organize the day according to your own specific needs and wishes. Talk to us, if you are interested in.